Pokemon MYSTERY Cube 200+ to 300+ Cards - Guaranteed Ultra Rare EX GX V HR SR FA ✅

Cube Size: 300
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Pokémon Cards Mystery Cube! 200+ / 300+ Cards! Guaranteed EX/GX/Ultra Rares!

100% Genuine Pokémon Cards | Near Mint Condition or Better
From an official partner vendor of The Pokemon Company

A perfect gift for any Pokemon Lover!


Ideal for collectors looking to bulk up their decks/complete a set /or just rekindle a love of Pokemon! Unlike other card bundles, you will receive loads of shiny and rare cards, and only 100% genuine cards ranging from all sets!


Bundles are packaged in individual plastic packets and posted in a protective packaging to prevent damage.

*FREE DELIVERY* no matter how many lots you buy!

We offer a Variety of different bundles to help collectors and players try and get the best chance of cards they're hunting for!

Each Bundle Includes AT LEAST:

200+ Cube:
4x EX / GX /V / Ultra Rare /Secret Rare /Full Art / Break/ Prism
12x Holographic / Reverse Holo Cards
30x Trainer / Energy Cards
158x Other Cards
(Some Energy Cards may not be set/era specific)

300+ Cube:
6x EX / GX /V / Ultra Rare /Secret Rare /Full Art / Break/Prism
18x Holographic / Reverse-Holo Cards
45x Trainer / Energy Cards!
237x Other Cards!

(Some Energy Cards may not be set/era specific)

No Foreign Cards! No Fakes!
*If you buy multiple bundles you may receive some duplicates across multiple bundles
Packaged well for protection.

If you are searching for bundles from specific sets please see our other listings!

If you have any questions please just drop us a message!!

Images shown are representative of some of our stock but cannot be guaranteed in all bundles due to demand.

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