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Warhammer 40k: Large Space Marine Army - Battle Ready (AB173)
Massive Black Templar Army Well Painted (AS901)
Warhammer 40k: Adeptus Mechanicus Army (CAB096)
Warhammer 40k Knight Army, very well painted! (CAB24)
Warhammer 40k: Tau Empire Army Well-Painted (AB001)
Warhammer 40k Forge World Death Korps Army (CAB02)
Warhammer Fantasy: Dark Elves Army - Well Painted (AS226)
Warhammer 40k Space Wolves Army, Nicely Painted (WC1203)
Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt Army (AB249)
Warhammer 40k Ork Cell-Shaded Vehicles (CAB01)
Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Army AB103
Warhammer 40k: Necron Small Army - Nicely Painted (AB250)
Middle-Earth SBG Giant Goblin Town Army Painted (ARM015)
Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realmlords Army (CAB03)
Bolt Action: Poland Army - Nicely Painted (AB986)
Flames of War 15mm German Army LARGE (BB001)
Age of Sigmar: Seraphon Forgeworld Dread Saurian (AB549)
Warhammer 40k: Indomitus Sealed with Objectives (BB102)
Warhammer 40k: Indomitus Sealed with Objectives (BB101)
Warhammer 30k: Horus Heresy Burning of Prospero (BB109)

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