Mordor War Catapult

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The catapults of Mordor are Sauron’s first port of call for when his armies need to breach enemy fortifications. Crafted from the strongest woods plundered from the forests of Middle-earth and bound together by great iron plates, these contraptions are a fearsome sight to those within a stronghold’s walls. Flinging huge boulders at the enemy, these catapults have seen cities and citadels fall from Umbar to Angmar. So heavy are the boulders fired, that each catapult has a Troll in order to load them, as well as to protect the crew from any attacks attempted by scouting parties.

The catapult itself is a huge contraption sculpted to look as if it was made from strong wood and Mordor-forged iron. With an immense, metal-bound boulder at one end, it is loaded by a huge, grizzly Troll who wears a mask and little else, and who carries a heavy rock. In addition to this, the kit comes with 3 Orc Warriors to attend to the catapult, each wearing sinister-looking heavy armour.

This detailed resin cast kit contains 21 components, a 60mm round base and a sprue of 4 25mm round bases with which to make a Mordor War Catapult

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