Pokémon Brilliant Stars Prerelease 12/02/2022 + 16/02/2022

Date: Saturday 12th Feb 1pm
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Come and join us for another awesome Pokémon Prerelease event! Brilliant Stars is arriving imminently, and what better way to start the set than coming to a prerelease! 

Brilliant Stars Prerelease kit, each kit contains:

  • 4x Brilliant Stars Booster Packs,
  • A Prerelease Promo card,
  • 23-card pack for making a prerelease deck.

After building your deck, you can play other players to win some cool prize support. We will be putting 3 boosters into the pool per player and additional promos too depending on numbers! 

Due to a limited release, Prerelease packs will only be available to those that attend the event, with spares becoming available afterwards.

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