Innistrad: Crimson Vow Pre-release Event

Date: Friday 7pm
Sale price£24.99
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Come and join us for another awesome Pre-release event! 

For Every Ticket Purchased, you will be added into a raffle to win a SET BOOSTER BOX! 

If you buy your Event Tickets Before Friday the 6th November, we will DOUBLE the amount of Raffle Tickets.

If you PLAY in one of the Events, We will DOUBLE your number of raffle tickets again! 


Buy an event slot = 1 Raffle Ticket for the Set Booster Box Giveaway 

Buy before the cut off = 2 Raffle Tickets 

Play in the Event = 4 Raffle Tickets 

Buy 3, before the cut off, and play in one = 12 TIckets! 

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